Look before you throw. It's what my Grandma always said. But now she's a hoarder. But still, when you're cleaning out an old room, or an old shed at a new home, it's good to look at what you're about to throw away. A Belton woman did just that and found a historic treasure.

According to a very well-detailed report from KCEN-TV, Samantha Pimentel and her fiance had started to clear out an old shed at their new house off Smith Street in Belton, when they spotted an old green Army tote.

When she opened it up she found a stack of yellow and aged envelopes. The postmark had them written between 1940 & 1942. They were from all over, and all were either written to or from one Otha E. Sims, a PFC in the U.S. Army during WWII. Samantha then found a old newspaper clipping announcing the "KILLED IN ACTION" notice of PFC Sims.

The majority of the letters were to and from family members, but there were also some love letters to a woman named Pearl Brown.

Samantha has now given herself a mission to find a family member of the late Otha E. Sims so the letters, and the history inside them, can be passed on.

That goal might seem tough to do, but also inside the tote was a list of family members, so it might be easier than you think. But she does need some help, so if you know anyone on this list, please let them know about what was found.

Otha’s Siblings:

  • Angie Sims (Husband Virgie Moore)
  • Dela Mae Sims (Died at age 15)
  • Vela A. Sims
  • Lester Sims
  • Adell Sims (Husband 1. Lewis Morisett/ Husband 2.William Tyroch Jr.)
  • Goldie Sims (Step-Sister)
  • Amanda Sims (Step-Sister)
  • Sherman Sims (Step-Brother)

Other last names listed in his extended family tree include: Golliheair, Kelly, Humphy, Parmer, Garrett, Bridge, Bundrant, Reed, Honeycutt , Duncan, Keele, Griffin, and Wilkins.

If you have any information that could help contact tpelt@kcentv.com