We've rounded up the best and worst fashion of last night's Golden Globes. See how your fav celeb measured up!

Last night, all of Hollywood stepped out for one of the biggest award shows of the year. Awards were given, tears were shed, but the morning after, it's all about the fashion. We've rounded up the best and worst fashion of the night below! See who was fab and who was drab below!


Let the snarky comments begin!

Heidi Klum

Hey Heidi, the 90's called... and they don''t even want that style back. Seriously, is this the woman who judges fashion designers on Project Runway? Well I have two words to say to this hideous dress and matching choker, -Auf Wiedersehen!

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Jennifer Lawrence:

This one pains me, because I am such a Jennifer Lawrence fan. But in all fairness, this dress looks like a bed sheet held together with black ribbon. (Kind of the look Ariel went for when she washed ashore in The Little Mermaid.) Can we at least say she looks gorgeous from the neck up? Jennifer, if you are reading this, hope this doesn't hurt our chances of becoming bffs!

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Julia Roberts

The thing is, this dress would have probably looked good if she hadn't paired it with a button up shirt that looks like something your 3rd grade teacher would have worn. C'mon Julia. You're better than this.

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Lena Dunham

Ughh. I keep hearing that Lena Dunham does no wrong because she's a feminist and is an example of a real woman in Hollywood. Welp, guess what? I'm not a fan of Girls (HBO) or this dress. Sorry not sorry.

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Kaley Cuoco

I LOVE Kaley, but her dress looked kind of like a drab moth. If it were me, I would have just recycled that pretty pink wedding dress she wore a couple weeks ago.

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These guys NAILED it last night!

 Lupita Nyong'o

Seriously, Lupita Nyong'o looked FLAWLESS last night in Ralph Lauren! Although the 12 Years a Slave actress didn't take home a GG for best actress, she definitely wins when it came to fashion!

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Chris Hemsworth

Wow, Thor cleans up good! Hemsworth wowed in this blue velvet tux, and his pregnant wife, Elsa, looked glowing on his arm!

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Olivia WIlde

Umm this is what she looks like pregnant? Olivia Wilde was absolutely stunning last night, in this green Gucci dress that complimented her adorable baby bump.

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Sofia Vergara

Wow. Sofia Vergara kills it, as usual, in this Zac Posen gown. Then again, you could put her in a paper sack and she'd still look amazing.

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Emilia Clarke

The Game of thrones star arrived sans her Daenerys Targaryen platinum locks last night, and looked FABULOUS! The only thing that would have made this outfit better? Dragons.

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There's my list of the best and worst dressed! Who was your favorite? Tweet me, @DaniOnUS105!