I love Big D & Bubba. I met them when they came to Belton for Game Night last year, and they along with Patrick and Carsen are some of the nicest and most down-to-earth people I've ever met in radio.

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That said, I really, really, REALLY hate this video of them pouring milk over Chex Mix and eating it like breakfast cereal, and I blame them for the yacking sound I've been making uncontrollably ever since I watched it.

Suffer with me. Share my pain.

Actually, I'm being a little unfair to the guys. I should blame Michael Gibson over at our sister station, KNUE. He dug up this video from 2017 that should have stayed buried for the sake of my stomach. Thanks a lot, M i c h a e l!

Chex Mix belongs in a crinkly bag that I can use to mindlessly pour the stuff down my gullet while I watch the Golf Channel. It has no business being anywhere near a dairy product that isn't cheese cut into little cubes. There should be a law.

Of course, there are things about actual cereal that creep me out too.

First, I eat mine fast because I can't stand soggy cereal. I've got to have some crunch. Otherwise the milk-logged texture just makes the entire experience uncomfortable.

Second, and I know I'm in the fringe here...I can't drink the milk out of the bowl afterward. Sorry, but it's not happening. I know it's wasteful, so I try not to put too much milk in to begin with, but I look down and see all the crumbs floating around and there's a mental block.

Here's an idea for a breakfast Chex Mix. Take a few different Chex flavors, pour them in a bowl, top them with some blueberries and/or banana slices, and add your milk.

You know, like a sane person.

I do loves me some milk-free Chex Mix though. It's definitely in the Top 10 Greatest Snacks of All Time, and there's even a song about how amazing it is.

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