Big Q Tip.

Title – Sink shot.

Opinions express are Big Q’s and not necessary those of this station and/or it’s advertisers.  You’re encouraged to have your own opinion.  That’s a scary thought isn’t.  Here’s something that’s also scary.  With gun violence in the news so much, over the weekend, I found a new test to see if you should be able to own a hand gun.

I was making myself supper Saturday night and, I’ll admit, the bulk of my concentration was not on preparation.  This happens on occasion, I believe the elders called it “going through the motions”.  (on a side note, if this happens to you, don’t play with anything sharp. I thank you, and your fingers thank you).  As it happens I use a water filter, and for meals I fill up two “liter” sized water bottles.  Well obviously that means I have to refill the filter.  For this I use the water sprayer that is attached to the sink.  As usual I turned on the cold water, reached for the spray, and since my concentration was not attached to my hand, instead of reaching, pulling, aiming, squeezing, my routine was reaching, squeezing, screaming.  Yes, I shot myself with the sprayer.  Cold water on bare skin, and yes, that makes you flinch, and in doing so, I shot myself again.

So the Big Q tip for today…If you can’t control the “gun” on the sink, best not try to handle the gun on your hip.  If you decide against this advice, well then, goodnight, and good-luck.