Life is hard.  And as a public service I, the Big Q, have been asked to do my share and help a listener out.  I should say first and foremost, the opinions expressed are mine and not necessarily those of this station and/or it's advertisers.  Listen on at your own risk.  Today’s Title…One more to the List.  Yesterday you might have seen the post on about the 5 best jobs to meet single women.  Allow me to add one more to that list.  I know what you’re thinking…boxer briefs actually, HA!   You think I’m going to say Radio DJ.  Well, yes, 20 years ago it was a fantastic job to find single women.  There was no internet, and radio didn't use computers, so a live person had to be here at all times. If you were working on the radio when the bars closed, that phone was going to ring, and you were going to get an invite to “breakfast” when you got off the air at 6am.  And if your radio station was out in the boonies, you could easily get them too come over, come over, come over, right then.

That was then and this is now.  But the same concept applies.  The best job to have is no job at all.  Just sit home on the internet and cruise the chat rooms.  Alright!  As long you don’t meet Chris Hansen one morning, you’re doing fine.

The Big Q tip to meet single women…Chat em’ up in your underwear, sitting on a bean bag, eating cheetoes, because they can’t lie on the internet.  Bon Jure Baby.