Hey Der, Big Q here, well it suddenly hit me last night that society wants newly weds to begin life in debt.  One of the first big expenses you are faced with are the rings, and I began to think.  Why?  Why buy a ring?


I know its part of the ceremony when you stand before God and family to declare love everlasting.  “With this ring I thee wed”.  It should be “with this paycheck I do sacrifice”. But why do you then need to where it?  Here’s the Big Q Tip for today.  Get finger tattoo’s.  Churches can still use rings for the ceremony but afterwards you can head to the tattoo parlor and make it permanent.  Think about it ladies.  You marry someone with a wondering eye, who just might be tempted to take of the ring and go out with his single friends.  Not if it was tatted on the finger.  Guys, do you take heat for taking off your ring when you work?  The threat of having your finger ripped off in the machinery because you have to wear a ring.  I’ve never heard that in the vows before.  Ladies, do you ever get tired of the diamond.  Well if you tattoo it, you could go one step further and dazzle it.  You can call it Fingdazzling.  You can throw parties.  And of course, think how much you’ll save not having to shell out money on a symbol that can fall off, be taken off, or thrown back in you face.  Sure it might hurt, but that’s what marriage is all about…suffering.  Mr Tattoo person, you may finger the bride. (phrasing!)