This youngster may not be able to say Miranda Lambert's name yet, but he's got game, and that more than makes up for it.  Sure, a 4-year-old makes a video asking Miranda to his birthday party, but I do it and it's good for a restraining order.

I get video footage of my kids doing something cute from time to time, and it makes me think, "Was I NOT this cute when I was a kid, or did my parents just never get anything on the BetaMax video camera worth holding onto?".  This 4-year-old is struggling to get Miranda's name out, but mom sticks with it and finally gets it straightened out.

I prefer to let my kids say things wrong until I can get it on video, because it's so much cuter that way.  Logan, my 6-year-old, still says "blecorate" instead of "decorate", and I just can't bring myself to correct him.  If he's still saying it at 10-years-old, I may have to step in and correct him, but for now it's adorable.

I'm willing to bet that, in this world of social media, Miranda will get wind of this birthday invite, and if she's half as cool as she appears to be, she'll show up with a gift in hand.  I'm not sure what a toothless flying sword man is, but she's got people that can find it.

If she doesn't show up, or at least send a video response and a gift, maybe I'll have my dog invite her to my next party (since I have so many parties).  She's a dog person.  Maybe that will speak more to her heart.