Who says you need snow to have a full-fledged Christmas! Since the moment I moved out to Central Texas, away from my family and friends, I have been asking, "Where can I see the Christmas lights?" Because nothing puts a brighter smile on children's faces than the spectacle of lights, Santa Claus and all of the shenanigans the reindeer and elves get up to in the North Pole (yes, I still call myself a child at times and I wouldn't have it any other way). I got the same answer every time:

Go see the Nature in Lights display over by the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area and Fort Hood.

Seeing these lights made me miss my family, but also reminded me of the times I've spent the holidays with them, and I was even invited by a local family to join their celebration - allowing for even better pictures from the bed of their truck.

There are over 120 light displays and the drive is open to all.

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