Ah 2023. We're already so early in the year, and some people's new year's resolutions may be tested by various things. Road blocks always seems to pop up at the beginning of the year right?

For example, say you chose to go to gym more often in the new year. The gym is always packed to start the year aren't they? Then you think "this might be a bit more difficult than expected," and it might become a bit of a drain trying to follow through on the resolution.

For some who have made the resolution to eat healthier in the new year, our friends in Texas, also known as Blue Bell, are about to test our willpower.

A New Flavor! Well, A Throwback New Flavor?

Yes all we love Blue Bell, and admittingly, I'm little bit behind on this flavor. Tin Roof is a flavor that many Blue Bell connoisseurs have been requesting to return.

Those calls for a return were held, because Tin Roof has returned to store shelves!

Of course, if it was going to make a return, it was going to come back in style with a new design right? But of course, it will only be in stores for a little while, because it can't stay forever.

Admittingly, I've never had this flavor before, so I'd probably need to try this before it disappears completely right? Maybe my new year's resolution should've been to try more ice cream...

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