Just in time for Mother's Day we've got 2 new flavors of ice cream from Blue Bell! While mom might enjoy these new sweet treats, it's really the June brides and grooms who will really enjoy the latest creations from the Ice Cream giant.

Bride's Cake, and Groom's Cake are in stores as of today in Central Texas. We found the freezer stocked full at the Walmart on West Adams Avenue in Temple. They've got the larger size containers of both flavors and the smaller size of the Bride's Cake flavor.

Bride's Cake features almond ice cream with white cake pieces surrounded by a rich amaretto cream cheese icing swirl. Groom's cake highlights chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake pieces and chocolate-coated strawberry hearts, surrounded by swirls of strawberry sauce and chocolate icing. Both flavors are only available for a limited time.


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