It has finally arrived here in Texas. Many in the Lone Star State have awaited its return with baited breath. What are we talking about you ask?

It's Bluebonnet Season In Texas!

Yes, the state flower is about to make its grand reappearance into the state, which will of course bring many an eye outside to view them. But with the increased foot traffic, many will spy one bluebonnet that they want to take home with them. That raises a rather interesting question though for that individual.

Could that Texan take home the special flower that they've laid their eyes upon? Or is it best to let nature keep the beauty that many enjoy. Thankfully, there are answers to these wonderful questions.

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Picking Bluebonnets In Texas, Safely Of Course

So if the special bluebonnet is in a public area, and not in certain areas, the Texan can easily take the perennial home. This info comes to us from Take Care Of Texas and the Texas Department Of Public Safety. But there's a reason we mentioned public area.

As it turns out, the are certain caveats to picking the state flower. If that previously mentioned bluebonnet was in a private property area, touching or trying to take the flower wouldn't be a good decision, as the individual could end up with a criminal trespassing charge.

Another place where bluebonnets need to remain in place? State parks of course! It is against the law to harm the state flowers inside Texas nature areas.

So, long story short, if you find that special flower, make sure you can pick it before you try to! Happy bluebonnet season everyone!

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