Details have come out in regards to a young boy being injured at a Waco, Texas carnival. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

An Eight Year Old Harmed At Waco, Texas Carnival

KWTX reveals that the incident occurred on Saturday, April 6th of 2024. According to the news organization, the young child, who was not named, fell 10 feet from a ride. An Affidavit revealed that the eight year old had “ears sliced open from top to bottom.”

Cody James Harkness, who was the operator of the ride, was taken into custody following the incident. KWTX reports that Waco law enforcement tested Harkness for impairment, with the conclusion being “Cody was potentially intoxicated on some type of drug or combination of drugs.”

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Following the tests, Department of Public Safety drug recognition experts were summoned to help with the investigation. Harkness, as stated by the affidavit, was originally cooperating, but soon after stopped and asked for an attorney.

When police attempted to draw blood from Harkness, he told the officer Y’all already know I’m under the influence of something or you would not have arrested me," as per the affidavit, and refused. Following this, a court order was obtained by officers to draw blood from Harkness, which lead to him being "placed in the emergency restraint chair where medical staff" obtained the blood.

Harkness's Criminal History Revealed

KWTX reports that a background check on Harkness showed that he had two convictions for possession of a controlled substance and one DWI in the state of Iowa. At the time of writing, Harkness has been placed $125,000 bond and jailed.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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