Meet Brad and Angie, (that sounds familiar),  three month old Chihuahua twins who need a new home.  Oh that Brad and Angie!


Right now the two are staying at the Temple Animal Shelter, but that is just temporary.  They want to get outta there.  They are both spayed and neutered, and they love people!


Officer Hetzel brought Brad to see us and he was just as quiet as can be.  Those big barking dogs at the shelter were getting on his last nerve so Brad was kind of rattled. He really needs a family to call his own.


Photo by Officer Walter Hetzel


Angie was back at the shelter missing her brother.  She loves to follow him around.


Photo by Officer Walter Hetzel


You can adopt both Brad and Angie or pick just one.  In fact why not stop by the Temple Animal Shelter for a visit.  You can play with Brad and Angie and see if one or both will fit your family.


The animal shelter is at 620 Mama Dog Circle, their number is 254 298 5732.  Call and tell them you are coming. Brad and Angie will be there waiting.


If you need something bigger, or perhaps a cat, Temple Animal Shelter can help. They have plenty of animals who are up for adoption.  You can see some of them right here on the web.  


Don't forget to check with the animal shelter in your town. I guarantee somebody there is waiting for a new home!