Brantley Gilbert's newest single "One Hell of an Amen" has been climbing up the charts, but the 30-year-old singer says his reputation matters just as much as his music. During a recent chat with Big Machine Label Group, the Georgia-born singer shared how his time on the road with Toby Keith made a lasting impression on him.

“A cool thing about that tour was meetin’ people that had been in his crew for 20 years and still talk good about him," Brantley recalls. "In this business a lot a times it’s cutthroat, and you gotta make some decisions. Sometimes people’s feelings get hurt, but to have people that’ve worked for you for 20 years and still believe in you and talk good about you, dude did somethin’ right."

Gilbert is hopeful that his band and crew members will have similar feelings about the time they spent working with him. "That’s only somethin’ that I can hope, at the end of the day that’s pretty much my long-term goal is all the guys that work for me, and with me, to look back after 20 years and say, you know what, that dude did right by me," he says.

Gilbert is quick to note that life on the road isn't easy. “I think everybody handles themselves different on the road," he says. "I think we’ve all had positive and negative experiences. I think the negative ones really teach you how to treat people when the tables turn. But, the positive things through the years have been, there’s too many to name."

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