The death toll in a horrific nightclub fire in Brazil as risen to 232, according to news sources. This number is updated from the original count of 245 first reported by local news sources.

A fire started at the Boate Kiss nightclub around 2 AM in the southern city of Santa Maria. The club was at capacity when a fire broke out and club-goers stampeded toward the doors.

Pyrotechnics were being used at the club for a performance by a rock band, but authorities have not said they caused the blaze.

The death count may continue to climb as responders pull bodies from the charred building. The club usually draws between 2,000 and 3,000 people on the weekends.

"Sad Sunday!" tweeted Tarso Genero, the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, the state surrounding Santa Maria. "We are taking appropriate action. I'll be in Santa Maria in the late morning."

Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff addressed media inside the country this morning. "I want to tell the people of Santa Maria in this time of sadness that we are all together," she said.