Go Brucey, you have broken the curse of the Old Action Guy movie with the number one ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’.   Your weekend gross plus early Valentine’s Day  opening puts you at  $33 million so far.  Congratulations!!!!!  

In second place, ‘Identity Thief‘ dropped a bit, grossing $23 million over the weekend, it’s made  $70 million in two weeks.   I am so proud of Melissa McCarthy.  She can open a movie, and it has staying power, and it looks like this one will make over a hundred mill.   Take that Rex Reed!

In third place, ‘Safe Haven‘  opened with $21 million, the  Nicholas Sparks adaptation also opened on Valentine’s Day (so make it  $30 million including Thursday).

In fourth place, the animated flick ‘Escape From Planet Earth’ opened with $16 million.   I am surprised it didn’t make more being the only kid’s movie out there.

The Zombie Flick ‘Warm Bodies‘ dropped to fifth, with $9 million, it’s made $50 since opening .

Oh and that other new release , ‘Beautiful Creatures,’ came in sixth, it’s the one about the witches, it only made  $7.4 million.  Will likely burn at the stake soon.

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