Many in the Lone Star State were potentially surprised and shocked to learn that Mitchell Wasek, son of Buc-ee's co-founder Don Wasek, was recently arrested in Texas. Here's what we know currently.

Details Revealed

KHOU 11 posted a general overview of what Mitchell was charged with:

KXAN provided further details on what led to the arrest of Mitchell. According to affidavits acquired by the news organization, in May of 2023, the Travis County Sheriff's office was alerted by two unidentified witnesses to a situation that occurred at a home that Don Wasek owned.

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Reports state the Mitchell invited the two individuals to the home. In the restroom of the home, as discovered by one of the guests Mitchell invited, there was a hidden camera placed in a charging port. The guests then took the camera with them after leaving the home.

They removed the device, and according to the documents, with the use of a card reader, discovered multiple videos of not only themselves, but other unidentified persons in what was described as “in various states of undress.”

Following the discovery of these videos, and other videos obtained from Mitchell's home in Dallas, police in Travis County arrested Mitchell.

Charges Against Mitchell

KXAN reports that Mitchell was charged with 28 counts of Invasive Visual Recordings. His bond was set at $280,000, with each charge counting as $10,000 towards the total bond.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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