Everybody in The Lone Star State loves Texas Roadhouse right?

There's just something about a restaurant that bears the name of the Lone Star State that Texans love. But to honest, what is not to love? Many love the various items they serve.

One of the items everyone is obsessed with is none other than bread at the eatery. So much so that some choose to buy their rolls frozen and make them for holiday occasions. Don't believe us? Well just look right here.

But...let's go back to the item the bread comes in. Is that available for purchase at all? Only one way to find out right?

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Buying A Bread Basket From Texas Roadhouse...Is It Possible?

One brave soul took up the task of finding out. camillesmiith on Tik Tok has made waves before in discovering you could purchase certain items from restaurants, such as...the cutting board from Outback Steakhouse?

Perhaps buying a whole box of cake pops Starbucks?

Suffice to say, we're learning a lot about what we can and can't purchase. But how does this tie into Texas Roadhouse? Well, the question is: Can you buy a bread basket from the establishment?

Camille took to eatery, and asked the simple question to the waitress:

Well, it looks like this item wasn't necessarily for sale, but they still took it home anyway thanks to a to go box! Hey, it was just a bread basket after all, it was easily replaced!

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