So we've all been there. You're about to get on a ride or roller-coaster but your starting to feel a little queasy. For most, the moment passes and you end up enjoying a thrilling couple of minutes at the carnival. Not the case for this poor Texas kid at the Texas State Fair who got sick all over the "Super Spectacular Evolution" ride.

This graphic video was caught by a person in line who just happened to be filming the ride in motion when they caught the whole incident on camera. The poor child can be seen getting sick as the ride rotates around spraying other riders as well as people waiting in line below. The entire scene is captured in still photos here, as well as some photos of the reaction of some of the riders.

Jared Aldridge via youtube2

Some folks got off the ride and laughed off the incident, while others had a lot of cleaning up to do. There's an age old lesson here that says you should never ride crazy carnival rides on a full stomach. A challenge considering everywhere you go at the Texas State Fair, there seems to be something delicious to eat!