Merry Christmas!!

Many of us are enjoying time with family on Christmas morning, some are volunteering, and even some are hard at work today like our area Police and Fire Departments. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and thanks so much for following our website here at!

While you enjoy your day I thought I'd share a little of what was going on with my family on Christmas morning. Up in Chicago my nieces continue to be super adorable and always find a way to make each holiday season very special. They are two of the sweetest girls in the world. Jacey and Hannie.

A few years ago they started a new tradition of baking a Cake of Kindness as a way to spend time together enjoying Christmas Eve and then eating yummy treats afterward.  with Santa. So the deal is that all year long these little ones collect candles for anytime someone does something nice for them. They also get a candle anytime their parents or teachers observe them doing something nice for someone else. Mom keeps a little notebook to remember what each candle was for. All year long they collect candles to celebrate acts of kindness, then on Christmas Eve, they bake a cake and then get out the jar of candles and decorate it for baby Jesus's birthday.

W. Adams / TSM
W. Adams / TSM

It's a fun way to remember all the good things that happened all year long and to remember the people in their lives who brought them smiles this year. It's one of my favorite things to see them do each Christmas!

Christmas morning came fast! Nieces went nuts in Chicago and my wonderful nephews got another amazing Christmas in Alabama. Caiden scored an awesome new fishing pole and the Chow Crown game he wanted so badly. His big brother got an electric motorcycle and was out riding up and down the sidewalk before the sun was all the way up. Check out the photos below. Ahh, Christmas! lol.

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