Winter is coming, and eventually it'll make its way to Central Texas. However, many in the Northern part of the U.S. are already looking for the perfect "warm weather" location to vacation in. Welp, look no further than Central Texas for the #1 "warm weather" location in the country.

For those looking to escape the cold and head to a much warmer city to vacation in, Wallethub has ranked Austin as their #1 destination.

You may be scratching your head wondering how Austin beat out other locations like Miami, Orlando, or even San Diego. I was thinking the same thing, but Wallethub looked at six different categories from the largest U.S. metros in the country and found that Austin was the #1 destination for those looking for a "warm weather" place to visit if they want to escape the cold.

The factors Wallethub looked at included travel costs and hassles, local costs, attractions, weather, activities, and safety. Austin did well in both the travel costs and hassles category, finished at #2 and the weather category, finishing at #6.

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Austin landed in the top 20 in other categories including #10 for attractions, #12 for local costs, #13 for warm weather activities and #19 for safety. Not a bad showing for the capital of the Lone Star State.

After Austin was Las Vegas at #2 and San Diego at #3. Texas continued to dominate the top 6 cities with Dallas-Fort Worth in at #4 and Houston at #5 and San Antonio at #6.

Ready for the real surprise? Killeen-Temple finished 24th on the list. Killeen-Temple finished 6th in the local cost category.

I never really think of Central Texas as a warm weather destination in the winter time but the numbers don't lie.

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