We've seen some of the craziest things come off dashboard cams around the world, but none more-so than in Russia.

From meteorites crashing to earth, to crazy street fights to vodka-induced insanity, we thought we'd seen it all.  Thanks to some careless driving from the driver of a propane truck, we get some spectacular video of what happens when propane bottles go up in flames.

Some bystanders think the fun is over after the initial fire, but there's enough propane explosions in this video to make the Russian-equivalent of Hank Hill very proud.  The explosions really start to go off 2 minutes into the video.

This certainly makes our commutes on Hwy 190 and I-35 a little less daunting.  Not that much, but just a little.  No one was killed in the accident or during the 36 explosions that followed the accident.