Tom Hardy, the great man that he is, will be reading bedtime stories for the children during this COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the BBC, Tom Hardy will appear on CBeebies to read bedtime stories for children starting April 27.

Yeah, totally for the kids.


I will be tuned in to hear Tom Hardy's sweet, sweet voice every night! There's no possible way to worry about the state of current events when Tom's voice is lulling you to sleep. Honestly, I lost quite a chunk of time just replaying the video above.

For a total of 6 nights, you can catch Tom Hardy reading children's books with the help of his French Bulldog, Blue. Hardy previously appeared on CBeebies in 2016, and he has been highly requested ever since.

I mean obviously it's not hard to imagine why. The real question is what took them so long to get Tom Hardy back on the show.

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