Today we pay homage to those underpaid educators that try to drill some knowledge into our kids so they can become productive members of society!  Sometimes they succeed!

Look it's my old Junior High, Fairway, right here in Killeen.  (It's now a Texas A and M Campus) Back in the day we had 7, 8 and 9th grade in Junior High.  That is where I met my favorite teacher.   Mrs. Hereford, she taught seventh grade science.   I was sort of Teachers Pet.  I even went back to grade papers for her when I was in 8th and 9th grade.  Hey, Mrs. Hereford!  She is not teaching Science anymore, but I am not learning Science anymore so it all works out.

Of course not all teachers are good, I thank my lucky stars I never encountered one like Cameron Diaz in the movie "Bad Teacher".