The United States Census Bureau released health insurance statistics for the United States on September 10th and Texas was once again the most uninsured states.

The national number of uninsured individuals increased from 7.9% in 2017 to 8.5% in 2018. Causing the number to jump from 25.6 million to 27.5 million, Texas alone accounted for around 5 million (17.7% of the state's population) people without health coverage.

The Texas Tribune reports that only five other states - Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Oklahoma - had more than 12% of their population without insurance.

The number of Texans that receive health benefits through private coverage rather than public coverage is significantly higher much like the rest of the country. 67.3% of Americans have private insurance with a majority of it coming through their employment.

Texas is one of 14 states that has not expanded Medicaid.





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