A Gatesville High School student came to school on Friday with a .22 caliber rifle in their vehicle. Oopps.

Thankfully, the student did the right thing. They immediately brought it to a staff members attention. While this may not happen at a city school in Austin or Dallas, in Gatesville there are plenty of students who live out in the country and to them, a .22 is as commonplace as a #2 pencil. The student just forgot to take the gun out of the vehicle. The important thing is that rather than panic the student simply notified school officials that they had forgotten to take the rifle out of their vehicle before coming to school.

The empty unloaded weapon was quickly secured without incident. Isn't it nice to hear a story about a student who did the responsible thing? No word on if the student will face disciplinary action for breaking the GISD code of conduct by bringing a weapon on school property, but it seems like things ended about as well as they could have.

News 10 reports that the district said it applauds the student for self-reporting the information. In a message explaining the incident to parents, Principle Sanderson said, "Parents and students are reminded that guns on school grounds or buses are strictly prohibited. Moreover, students in violation of such incidents will have consequence according to the GISD code of conduct."

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