You never want to run from the cops - never ever!

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, a 34-year-old woman attempted to evade police in her in car after they received a domestic violence call at her residence.

Rebecca Escobar had recently bonded out of jail on Monday, May 4, but it was just 6 days later when she had her next encounter with law enforcement. Falls County sheriff deputies responded to a domestic violence call in Reagan, but when they arrived Escobar fled the scene in her car towards Highway 6.

Spike strips were deployed in an effort to stop Escobar, but she continued driving with 2 flat tires. The chase came to a conclusion when Escobar's vehicle slammed into the back of a deputy's vehicle near Clark Street in Marlin.

Rebecca Escobar is now facing multiple charges, such as aggravated assault against a peace officer and evading arrest in a motor vehicle.

I can understand the fear brought on by not wanting to return to jail, but evading the police is the last thing you'll want to do if you do not want to end up there again. Not to mention the fact that multiple people's lives could have been put in danger while she was fleeing in her car.

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