News 10 is reporting that a Central Texas city has passed a law outlawing hands-free driving.

On Tuesday, The Mexia City Council passed a law making it illegal to operate a motor vehicle, like a car, while using a hands-free device.

Jimmy Rincker spoke to Mexia City Council members before the vote.

“It takes seconds to look down at your phone, but it also takes seconds to have a wreck,” said Rincker

Mexia's Mayor also released a statement.

“I proclaim the 18th day of November, 2018, the City of Mexia’s ‘Day of Remembrance’ and hereby call upon all citizens of the City of Mexia to honor and remember those who have lost their lives to traffic violence and distracted driving,” said Mayor Arthur Busby.

According to KWTX, "Distracted driving was responsible for 19 percent of the state’s half-a-million vehicle crashes last year."

This should be a reminder to all of us to put that phone away while you are driving.


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