News 10 is reporting that cattle in Valley Mills had to be moved to higher ground as flood waters from the Bosque River put their lives in danger.

Around 2 p.m. Tuesday, ranchers had to move almost two-dozen cattle to higher ground in response to the rising flood waters caused by the constant rain that has swept through Central Texas.

“They were stranded, there was no way for them to get to higher pastures, so if the water would have kept coming into the pasture further they would have gotten really stuck, or really hurt, or washed away,” said owner Jennifer Pliscott.

Pliscott attributed the safety of his cows to fellow community members and firefighters who all joined in on the cow-rangling efforts.

"It was an amazing experience that so many people in this town care and that they were willing to walk out of their houses and see what we were doing and help,” said Pliscott.

This a reminder for everyone to not forget about their animals during dangerous weather conditions.

“Keep an eye on them (livestock) especially if you’re by a river, ya know, we go from extreme drought to extreme flash flooding in a matter of a week,” said Pliscott. “Crazy Texas weather.”

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