News 10 is reporting that Central Texas mother of two that was diagnosed recently with liver failure passed away over the weekend.

Elijah St. John's wife, Mary recently went to a local hospital with stomach pains. However, after tests, her prognosis was grim.

“Doctors did a blood test and found her liver was shutting down and they transferred us to the ICU at Baylor Scott & White in Temple,” St. John said.

Doctors told the family that a liver transplant was needed immediately.

“They are pushing us very hard and telling us we need a transplant,” St. John said.

A donor was found, and the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston was willing to perform the transplant. However, the family's insurance did not kick in until December and they were unable to cover the $500,000 in medical bills.

“If we can raise those $500,000 and get her down to Galveston then we have a fighting chance” St. John said.

The family turned to social media for help and thousands shared their story, however, it ended up being too late.

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