Central Texas observed the 8th Anniversary of the Fort Hood Shooting that happened on 11-05-09 with a gathering at the November 5th Memorial in Killeen.

To walk the circle inside the memorial in Killeen is a power thing. Each American who lost their life is represented in a way that really lets you get to know who the person was. Even more moving is the messages from loved ones that are part of each piece of the memorial. If you've never had the chance to visit I highly recommend you stop one day and take a look. It's located just across the courtyard next to the Shiloh Inn in Killeen.

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One of my favorite phrases inside the memorial is a photo I took when I spent some time walking the circle the first week I moved here. I have always hoped the words helped to bring some comfort to those who's loved ones can never be replaced, and maybe to inspire others to show the Fort Hood community as much support as possible for all they do for our country.

W. Adams/ TSM