The Central Texas State Fair will be upon us before you know it, and as always there's live music after each evening's entertainment that is included with the daily admission to the fairgrounds in Belton, Texas. The Central Texas State Fair is annually one of the first fall social gatherings for the area next to the first edition of Friday Night Lights of course.

We often wax poetic about nostalgic events that make us feel like a kid again, but can you honestly think of anything that actually turns everyone into bright eyed children than the lights, rides, and food of the midway? Sure, your choice of carnival attractions changes as you age, but there is always something to enjoy.

Also, how can you ever get tired of all the food options you can only find at the fair?

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Even with 3 young children, it isn't even a contest with how much more money is spent on the food than the amusement rides. Then again, thanks to the various pricing options, you can get unlimited ride wristbands for each day of the fair, or enjoy $1 rides on Thursday.

Best part of the whole holiday weekend is all the live entertainment that includes Twisted Metal Mayhem on Friday, and the PBR Challenge Series on both Saturday and Sunday. Following each night's event there is a great country show that is included with your daily admission, and you can even buy a Mega Music Pass just for the concerts.

Enter for free tickets below.

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