It appears the number of Wendy's fast-food restaurants that were hacked is much more than the hamburger chain thought. In the fall of 2015, Wendy's announced that fewer than 300 restaurants found malware that allowed hackers to access customer card numbers, names, expiration dates and codes.

It turns out, it's actually 1,025 Wendy's restaurants throughout the United States. We did a little checking and found that a handful of these restaurants affected are located right here in Central Texas.

If you purchased from one of the Wendy's listed below in the last year, you may be at risk for fraud. If you have questions or want to know what to do about it, the company has options, tips and a toll free number to address your concerns.

We were able to pull a list from the Wendy's outlet that lets you see which restaurants are affected by city and state. If you went to any of these Wendy's between the dates shown, make sure to watch your bank account for suspicious activity.


There are two restaurants in Killeen that are at risk to the malware.



The Wendy's off NW HK Dodgen Loop was affected for about 5 months in 2016.



Austin had malware towards the end of 2015 until mid June this year.