Apparently another thing that is just so much greater (bigger) in Texas is the amount of people who cheat, or at least are willing to be honest enough to say they cheat? The number are pretty staggering, but how often do you really look at the bottoms of your boots anyway?

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There were a few states that did not report enough info to make the final study, but among those who participated there were some definite surprises on the tally sheet. There is definitely no way I ever would have imagined New Mexico to be considered the most honest state, is Breaking Bad full of crap?

Outside of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, isn't New Mexico Desolate?


That is a fair question to ask, how can anyone cheat if there is nobody there to cheat? Not only that, but this study was conducted by Solitaire Bliss.

How can you cheat on yourself? Wouldn't that be the textbook definition of "Victimless crime?"

Turns out Texas really enjoys cheating on their diet. 77% of Texans admit to cheating on their diet according to this KCEN-TV article.

What other areas of cheating did Texas rank number 1?


Just the diet, and even then it was by 1% over Alabama. In case you were wondering, the state that cheats on their significant other the most is Iowa.

Just because I love juxtaposition, it was a funny coincidence to see that the state 3rd most likely to cheat borders Iowa in Nebraska. However, The 3rd and 4th most likely to not cheat states also border Iowa, and one Nebraska in Minnesota and Missouri.

One final piece of geography, Nebraska and Iowa share a border created by the Missouri River. Missouri and Minnesota have state borders created by the Mississippi River.

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