Our 'King Of The Grill' contest to win Dad a brand new grill is wrapping up! Submissions end June 13th, so be sure to nominate a deserving dad you know before it's too late.

Let's take a look at a few of our favorite submissions so far!

Alice keeps her reason why her dad, David, deserves a new grill short and sweet: "He loves to BBQ". It looks like it's a wanna be 'big green egg', only not so big and not so green.

Tamika Christie

Tamika says her dad claims to make the "best brisket ever", but can't do so on that old piece of rust. Hard to argue with that.

christine daniels

All of Travis's kids campaigned for why he deserves a new grill. Travis is already a winner in my book with a family that cares that much for him.

Jahbriana Williams

Yikes! 5th-grade teacher Johnie has used that grill to the max! Thanks to Jahbriana for sending it in!

Dera Seager

Dera keeps the theme going of grills without a bottom! You can tell DJ has grilled a time or two!

Brooklynn Tyler

Uh-oh, Brooklynn's pop is missing a grill in the backyard!

Brian Meyer

Finally, Brian who has the "best dad ever" sent in this ol' rust bucket!

If you think you know a dad in desperate need of a new grill, fill out the form below and good luck!