A five-year-old boy in the UK who missed a friend's birthday party to spend time with his grandparents received a "no-show" invoice of almost $25 from the friend's parent, who's threatened legal action.

Back in December, Alex Nash of Torpoint, Cornwall accepted an invitation to a schoolmate's party at a ski and snowboard resort. However, when his parents realized he was already scheduled to take a trip with his grandparents the day of the party, they asked Alex what he'd rather do and he opted to spend the day with his grandma and grandpa.

Weeks later, on January 15, Alex's parents found a brown envelope in his school bag containing a "no-show invoice" for £15.95 ($24.19). The envelope was reportedly given to one of Alex's teachers by the birthday girl's mother, who then passed it on to the boy.

The mother of Alex's now ex-friend (she's reportedly refused to play with him since he skipped the party) has also reportedly threatened to take the parents to court, though it seems unlikely she'd win since a party RSVP from a five-year-old is not a legal contract.

What do you think about this story? Should Alex's parents have to pay for a share of the party their son didn't attend? Or has the birthday girl's mother gone too far?

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