Church's Texas Chicken originated across the street from the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas in 1952 as the creation of George W. Church Jr. Their history claims to be the originator of fried chicken to go, their plan was to sell nothing but chicken, and a single biscuit with 2 pieces of chicken was less than $.50 cents.

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The coolest part of their look was the fryers were positioned under windows so the customer could see exactly how their food was being made. It probably also made the delicious smell that much easier to escape for waiting patrons, and assisted in creating additional customers out of passerby walkers that might not have realized exactly how hungry they were.

Why is Church's Texas Chicken getting into the burger game?

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Getty Images/Canva

Church's Texas Chicken is part of a larger private equity firm called High Bluff Capital Partners that owns not only Church's, but also Taco Del Mar, Quiznos, and now the recently formed ARC Burger to facilitate the closing on the purchase of 80 Hardee's locations that were sold after their parent company Summit Restaurant Holdings declared Chapter 11 back in May.

Will Hardee's be closing in Texas?

That is not entirely known yet, but the owners of Church's did not acquire any Texas locations, so we can safely say they will not be closing any Texas locations. ARC Burger has also brought in Dave Dixon who previously led the turnaround of 116 Hardee's locations in 2000-2003 and increased the brand's sales by 35% according to this article with QRS Magazine.

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