The Killeen City Council has voted to pass the bill for city's road work on to local residents in 2019. A four to three vote says a street maintenance fee can now be slapped onto your water bill.

If you are a business the fee could be even higher because it is based on square footage. A single family would see a $2 dollar increase on their water bill while a large business could see a fee as high as $300 dollars. Mayor Segarra says he is all for it.

KWTX reports the Mayor said, "Our budget item for the street maintenance just gets smaller and smaller. So, I'm glad to see after tonight, that will start increasing and citizens will be happy and say 'our streets are going to be improved with what just happened."

There is plenty of opposition to the fee but the city council went ahead and made the decision on their own rather than letting voters decide at the polls. John Miller told News 10, "It's like you have a child, giving them an allowance and they decided to take that allowance and spend it however they want to spend it and they ran out of money," Miller said. "OK, instead of coming back to the parent to get more money, they decided to go inside the parent's wallet without asking."

If you live in Killeen you can expect to see the fee show up by the middle of next year. Oh, and expect more orange barrels and road construction.

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