Are you kidding me? “The Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance”?

That actually got 8 votes from participants in an Austin, Texas neighborhood when it came time to cast ballots to rename "Robert E. Lee Elementary". This all started after residents said the name of the one time Confederate General offended them. Then, 8 of them voted for...

What else is on the ballot according to the Huffington Post? "Donald J. Trump Elementary", leading the way with 45 votes. Also in the hunt are "Harper Lee Elementary", "Spike Lee Elementary", and "Bruce Lee Elementary"...see a pattern here? Click here for the full list. 

Some other potential names include "Albert Sidney Johnston Elementary" (another confederate general), and I also see a suggestion for "Ignorance Is Bliss Elementary". "Robert E. Lee Elementary" is apparently still an option after all of this, in second place so far with 34 votes.

Once this story got around, the Austin Independent School District seem to release it's own "narrowed down" list of candidates late Monday. It's a much different list of choices. The School District will share the top 3 names with the Board of Trustees next month.