Growing up, my dad was on the volunteer fire department and I recall hearing all kinds of ten codes, alerts, alarms, and pages coming across his pager, and we especially enjoyed the system check that happened twice each day to make sure all the communication devices were serviced properly and effectively working. It is not just emergency personnel in Texas that use a code system that spans well beyond hospitals and other services.

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You do not have to spend much time inside a department or grocery store before you hear someone on the public address system announce that there is a call on line one for a specific department, or someone needs assistance or a price check on an item in aisle 14. Most of this breaks up the elevator style Muzak that is now playing in almost every retails establishment without the customers ever paying a moment's notice to what is being broadcast.

Why should Texas customers pay notice to store PA systems, especially code brown?


If you are ever in a public setting like retail shopping or similar activity and you hear, "Code Brown," you need to gather your loved ones and immediately leave the area. Do not hesitate because Code Brown means there is eminent danger in the form of active shooter, robbery, or some other type of violent act has occurred, or is being perpetrated currently.

This is definitely one of those times you drop everything and get as many as you can to safety.

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