Texas is awesome!

The PBS hit 'The Daytripper' allows folks from all over the country to see so many of the things that make our state great!

The star of the show and the unofficial-official tour guide of Texas, Chet Garner, has taken us everywhere from Corpus Christi to Abilene in the first ten seasons.

To celebrate the eleventh season premiere on October third, Chet is hosting a watch party at the Daytripper World Headquarters in Georgetown, Texas.

W 8th Street in the "most beautiful square in Texas" will be shut down for live music, raffles, special guest appearances and more. It will then be followed by a showing of the new Waco episode!

I've lived in and around Georgetown my entire life. Rich in history and activities, it's the perfect example of the kind of town the show is all about. Chet, a Georgetown resident, is as great an ambassador for the town as he is for the state. Click here for event details.

I'll see you there on the square!

And hey, this wouldn't be possible without contributions to your Local PBS station from viewers like you, thank you. I like saying that.

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