The Beltonian continues to bring in top comedic talent.  Last weekend, the venue featured comedian Rich Williams and former CBS sitcom star Thea Vidale.  Thea and Rich both stopped by the studio today with Julia Conner and took over the show. 

Her talents have been featured on Comedy Central, BET, and NBC, as well on the WWE as "Momma Benjamin", Thea Vidale, with special guest Rich Williams are in Central Texas this weekend.  They stopped by US105 this morning. See the behind the scene video now and be sure to catch their acts this weekend at the Beltonian.

She had us roaring in the studio right from the outset. She told us the heat in her room wasn't working. So what did she do?

"I said, if the Eskimos can do it, I can do it. So I went right away, killed a bear, gutted it, and skinned it, and slept nakedly inside the bear." Wow.

Check out the video for the rest of the hilarious interview.

Watch a Clip From Thea's Standup Comedy Special