A bill to end daylight savings in Texas has passed the House, and now just faces a Senate vote before we the Texas voter can make the final decision.

This isn't the first time daylight savings has attempted to be abolished, but it may be the best shot yet. The House passed the bill with a vote of 133-9. What were those nine thinking? I've never met an individual who supports daylight savings.

What's the positive? It's far too dark way too early in the dead of the winter and who wants to see the sun at 9 pm ever? And of course, it's just a pain to change those darn clocks twice a year. If Benjamin Franklin did indeed come up with the concept it was clear after he got struck by lighting.

I'm not a very political guy, but this is something I can get behind. I'm considering a campaign tour, posters, the whole nine yards, let's make this happen, FOR AMERICA!

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