Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle La'el Collins may have been snubbed the Pro Bowl this year, but that's not stopping him from making this Christmas a great one.

The 26-year-old who is considered one of the best to play his position bought his mother, Loyetta Collins a house for Christmas.

Check out the video below from KSAT12.

Collins almost didn't make it into the NFL due to a fluke.

Heading into the 2015 NFL draft Collins was projected to go in the top ten, but wasn't selected at all after news broke just before the draft that a woman he had a previous relationship with was shot and killed.

He wasn't even a suspect so Dallas quickly picked him up as a free agent.

After four years of stellar play, the Cowboys gave Collins a five-year $50 million dollar extension. Whoa, he could buy his whole extended family houses.

"This is a special moment, man -- I'm just lost for words, it's a special moment. I'm so happy. I'm extremely blessed to be in a position to be able to do this for my family."

-La'el Collins


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