The Dallas Cowboys have traded a 7th-round pick to the New England Patriots for Defensive End Michael Bennett FOX4 reports.

The 33-year-old Texas A&M alumni has been in the NFL for 10 years playing for 5 other teams. He did not play in Mondays 33-0 win over the New York Jets due to serving a weeklong team suspension for conduct detrimental to the team after having an argument with defensive line coach Bret Bielema.

This isn't the first Bennett to be on the Cowboys roster, his younger brother Martellus was drafted and played for Dallas from 2008 to 2011. Martellus is a tight end who served as Jason Witten's backup, played for 4 other teams (two stints in New England) before retiring in 2018.

Michael comes into Dallas with 2.5 sacks this season.

Dallas is in a bye week and then they play the New York Giants. So really two weeks off. Well... we did lose to the Jets... so I better not talk to big.

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