Are you ready for your next Saturday night out at Johnny's Steaks and Bar-Be-Que in Salado, Texas to see Creed Fisher? You're in luck because you can do all of those simultaneously on June 10th. Great food, cold drinks, and live music are the key components to the perfect night out equation.

Everything you need to know about Creed Fisher:

He is the definition of a Southern 'Texas' Rocker with a steady library of country and rock songs. Fisher even alternates the genres with each musical project putting out a country album and then a rock one.

As a Texas native, Fisher's career has been well followed in the Lone Star State. Like so many Texans, he's redefined himself after having already having a full career. He spent a lifetime as a roughneck in West Texas before ever picking up a guitar. Now, he's known across the country as a rising superstar.

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What can we expect at Johnny's Outback?

Fisher said there's nothing better than rocking under the Texas stars. Those chill nights full of endless potential with your best friends all singing along while cracking some cold ones is the definition of summer and living.

Fisher is most excited about having an opportunity to debut some brand new songs, and play for Central Texas for the first time since working on his latest project. There is nothing like the energy an artist brings to the show in front of their home state.

Get your tickets here.

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