Tis the season for hurting pockets and low balances in your bank account but we know gas prices can't take all the blame.

In November, gas prices were causing a major pain when pulling up to the pump but things are noticeably changing. Central TX gas prices have decreased in the last few weeks.

According to KXXV and Daniel Armbruster the spokesperson for AAA Texas, "Prices in Waco are down about 17 cents over the last month, per gallon for regular unleaded."

Last month President Joe Biden tapped into the U.S. oil reserve but the oil won't make it into the market for at least 2-3 weeks and it's unclear what type of effect it will have on gas prices. Sources believe that in the future we could see a significant difference if Crude Oil continues to decrease its prices as well.

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So what can be done to continue to save money on gas?

1) Fill up on gas at the beginning of the week. Gas prices tend to be cheaper during the weekday.

2) Fill up when your tank reaches the halfway mark, instead of allowing your gas tank to reach empty.

3) Join a rewards fuel program. Surprisingly, award programs can save you a ton of money and get you free items such as coffee and more.

4) Use cash instead of debit and credit cards. Some gas stations charge a lower price per gallon if you pay with cash instead of a card.

5) Use apps to find lower-priced gas in Central Texas.

6) Share rides. Sharing rides can help with paying for gas and reducing the use of yours.

7) Plan routes. By planning your travel route it avoids going out of the way and wasting gas.

8) Slow down. Reducing your speed can help in more than just one way. it's scientifically proven the slower you drive the less wind resistance you face which goes a long way with reducing your fuel economy.


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