This week, two McAlister's Deli locations in Waco, the store on 6th St. and the store on W. Waco Dr., received TCU cups instead of the Baylor "Sic 'Em Bears" cups they'd ordered. Oh, and it just so happens to be the week the Horned Frogs and Bears face-off.

Our news partners KWTX reached out to McAlister's and they claim it is all a mistake. But, I don't know it all seems a little froggy.

Jason Cook, Chief Marketing Officer for Baylor University believes it is all a misunderstanding.

"McAlister's has been such a great partner of the University, we really believe this is an honest mistake that the wrong cups got sent to Waco,"

-Jason Cook

But students don't seem to be so understanding with comments such as "that's a prank, defiantly a prank", and "not an accident". And honestly, I have a hard time disagreeing. I mean the timing!

Okay, so maybe a former TCU student got a job at the deli warehouse. kept his head down worked hard for five to ten years. During that time he dates the boss's daughter, marries her, and finally after the birth of their third child the boss lets him take over the "family business". But that's not enough, he has to make sure he's never found out. So he pretends to be a Baylor fan, puts a sticker on the mini-van, watches every game, it kills him, but last week when he loads that truck full of TCU cups heading straight to Waco it's all worth it. A single tear runs down his cheek.

Or maybe it was a mistake, who knows.

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