"An all Texas Superbowl....his will be done". - Hank Hill

The Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans both lost their playoff games over the weekend leaving visions of an all Texas match-up for the big game as something fans can dream about during the off-season.

Social media was back and forth all night here in Texas with Cowboys fans cringing then cheering then cringing again. Many fans will agree that the Cowboys just gave Green Bay too many chances with the football.

Aaron Rodgers stacked up the yards against the Cowboys’ leaky defense. He finished 28-for-43 for 356 yards and two touchdowns and one pick. The Packers will move on to face the Atlanta Falcons.

Meanwhile the Houston Texas had the tall task of heading to New England to face the Patriots and ended up falling 34-16. New England now owns the record for most consecutive appearances in a championship game with 6. They will face Pittsburgh next weekend.

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