Sheriff Lupe Valdez has become the first openly gay and first Latina candidate to win a major party nomination for Texas governor in a run-off.

Valdez is a former US Army Captain. She accepted the nomination in a speech Tuesday evening. Her campaign will focus on equal opportunities for Texans. She told supporters, "Tonight is a victory for all of us who are fighting for a stronger and fairer Texas. A tolerant and diverse Texas. A Texas where the everyday person has a voice and a fair shot -- just as I had."

The road to the November election will not be an easy one for Valdez who will be running against incumbent Governor Gregg Abbott. The Lone Star State has a history of supporting GOP Governors that goes back decades. Abbott also has a $40-million+ campaign fund in his corner.

Valdez told supporters, "When have I not had an uphill battle. I am getting darn good at uphill battles."

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